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Bronze Halls - Bronze Nazareth
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- About The Brand -

While many people view Balancing Beads and Crystal creations as a mere fashion statement; there are many qualities that are contained within the fibres of these wooden adornments and formations of the Crystal Creations. Combined they boast an abundance of metaphysical and spiritual properties.

Undoubtedly, there are many inspirations behind the concept of Balancing Beads and C Crystal Creations that capture the essence of Alchemy complimenting bespoke Artistry, with the biggest influence being Nature. 

As beings on Earth, it is imperative that we remain humble in our spiritual lives; never forgetting to pay homage to the elements that connect us to the universe, ultimately as the universe gifts such precious natural elements that assist beings of Earth in our continuous healing and knowing of self in the most purest form of divine guidance.