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Bronze Halls - Bronze Nazareth
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Lapis Lazuli gemstones are usually a beautiful and intense deep blue. These stones are said to stimulate wisdom, good judgment, truth, and understanding. They also help in the process of learning by strengthening memory-based qualities. Lapis Lazuli is believed to attract promotion and success.
It is a helpful healing stone to assist your immune system as well as both the respiratory system and the nervous system. The vibration of Lapis Lazuli stones is also known to be effective to relieve pain, and it has healing properties that are said to be particularly helpful for migraine headaches.

Quartz is the most powerful healing stone of the mineral kingdom, able to work on any condition. Clear Quartz is known as the stone of power and amplifies any energy or intention. Clear Quartz protects against negativity, attunes to your higher self, and relieves pain.

Prehnite is considered a stone of unconditional love and the crystal to heal the healer. It enhances precognition and inner knowing. Enables you always to be prepared. Prehnite calms the environment and brings peace and protection.

Amplified Earth